Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter dinner

 Trichelle decides to wear her red dress.
 It looks like Trichelle  has been throwing down something in the kitchen.
I see pizza ,curry goat,ham and chicken salad.
 "Can we start eating now?"(Kara)
"We have wait for Faith."(Trichelle)
"The food is getting cold."(Kara)
"I know ,Faith is coming ."(Trichelle)

 "Trichelle can you please pray?"(Kara)
"Dear god as we come before today we want to give you praise please bless our food amen."(Trichelle)
"Let us begin."(Faith)
 "Let  us dig in."(Kara)
"This is the best goat i have ever eaten."(Faith)
"I cooked it ."(Kara)
"I did not know you  you can cook."(Faith)
"My mom thought Trichelle and I how to cook."(Kara)
"I will  clear the table."(Kara)
"The food was delicious,i would have seconds but this figure is hard to come by."(Trichelle)
"Oranges for dessert ."(Faith)
"They are a healthy alternitive for pie."(Trichelle )
"They are full of vitamin c."(Kara)
"Mommy can i taste it."(Kianna)
"Yes baby."(Kara)

"Bye thanks for dinner i am sorry i could not stay longer ."(Faith)
"Bye girls drive safely."(Trichelle)

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  1. Love Trichelle's dress. Dinner looks fabulous. Happy belated Easter.