Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas dinner

 The studio agreed to let Faith use the space as a dinning room .
Where is Kristen ?(Faith)
 Hi ,sorry i am late i could not pick out a outfit(Kristen)
That's okay,but what are you wearing(Faith)
My exercise outfit ,it shows my figure better.(Kristen)
okay ,have a seat.(Faith)
 The food looks delicious .(Kristen)
yes,my favorite dish on the table is the potatoes.(Faith)
Can you pass the spoon please?(Kristen)
yummy the potatoes are delicious.( Kristen)

                   I will clear the table .(Faith)
                   okay,the food was delicious .(Kristen)
                 I bought the ham at the supermarket and Trichelle baked the potatoes.(Faith)
After  clearing the table the girls sit down and talk.
Merry Christmas to all readers and i hope you have a prosperous New Years .

Thursday, 13 December 2012

 Sarah what happened to Kara,she is an hour late.
She will be here soon.
 What happened to the mirror i ordered .
i cancelled your order,it was too expensive.
What ,it was just $2,000

 Finally ,it is time for the coffee commercial to start.
 Your hair is a little messy.
yes i know.
the commercial will start in 5,4,3,2,1 action.
 El cafe es maravilloso .
 cut ,you did great,go and change
You did a wonderful job .
When will i get my pay.
Next week or next month.i can't afford to pay you now.
okay ,but if i don't get my money by the last week in January you will hear from my lawyer .

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


 Raquelle Morgan-age 24
                              current town-Kingston ,Jamaica
Raquelle is a trend setter and is not afraid to speak her mind.
 Faith Evans-age 27
                  current town-Kingston,Jamaica
Faith is a lady of many words.
 Trichelle Macray-age 24
                            hometown-Kingston ,Jamaica
                            current town -Kingston,Jamaica
                            relationship-engaged to Carlo Ashton
Trichelle is an elegant lady .
 Kara Smith-age 27
                     current town-Kingston,Jamaica
Kara is Trichelle's sister.Unlike Trichelle ,Kara  loves to party.
 Payton Moore-age 24
                        current town -Kingston,Jamaica
Payton is the sister of kennet Moore.She is simple and loves her family.
 Anae James-age 46
                    current town-Kingston,Jamaica
Anae is a elegant woman.
 Ellen Moore-age 27
                  current town-Kingston,Jamaica
Ellen is a lady who loves food.
  Tanya Ashton-age 25
                        current town -Kingston,Jamaica                        
Tanya is the sister of Carlo.
 Kennet Moore-age 28
                          current town-Kingston,Jamaica
Kennet is a doctor and he had married 2 other women before he married Ellen.
Carlo Ashton-age 34
                    current town-Kingston,Jamaica
                  relationship-engaged to Trichelle Macray
Carlo is simple and loves to play golf.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Carlo stays over

 This is Trichelle's bedroom it is also Faith's office.
" Hi honey are you ready for bed?"(Trichelle)
''No we need to talk."(Carlo)
"What do you want to talk about ?"(Trichelle)
"The wedding."(Carlo)
"What about the wedding?"(Trichelle)
''Who is planning the wedding."(Carlo)
" Relax Payton is a good planner ."(Trichelle)
" Let us go to bed now."(Carlo)
"Goodnight, love you."
"Goodnight , love you too."
 They are sleeping.
 It's morning and Trichelle  is still a sleep.
"Wake up honey wake up."(Carlo)
"What "(Trichelle)
"It's morning it is time for work."(Carlo)

 Finally Trichelle wakes up.
"Did you have breakfast already ?"(Trichelle)
"Did you make coffee?"(Trichelle)
"Yes  "(Carlo)
 They are ready for work .
                            Trichelle stops at Faith's office.
 "Hey girl, how are you?"(Faith)
"I am okay."(Trichelle)
"there is a rumor going around that Carlo is moving in with you ."(Faith)
"That is true, he is moving in with me very soon ."(Trichelle)
"Wow,that is very good."(Faith)
 Faith continues to talk to Trichelle.
     " bye Trichelle  ."                                                 
 Carlo is meeting with his sister .
"Hi Tanya how are you?"(Carlo)
"I am okay ,how is Trichelle?"(Tanya)
"She is fine. "(Carlo)
 "So how is your daughter, i have not seen her for a while."(Tanya)
"She is fine she is with Trichelle's  friend."(Tanya)

 Trichelle arrives
"Hi tanya."
"Hi Trichelle."

Trichelle,Carlo and Tanya are talking.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

 Faith is preparing her office for the first patient
" mommy i do not want a shot "(Kiana)
"you have to get your shot"(Kara)
''Why do i have to get a shot?"(Kiana)
''you have to get the shot because it is flu season"(Kara)
''okay ,mommy  if i get the shot and if i do not cry can i get a doll."(Kiana
 "Hello ,time for shot"(Faith)

 Faith is preparing the shot.
i am not going to show the actual shot.
by the way kiana did not break her promise.
lets send in the next patient .
 Kira is her with her step-mother.

 Faith is walking home ,her house is about 2 miles away.

Faith is very tired