Trichelle Ashton- age 24
                            job -model, business owner ,
                            status-married to Carlo Ashton
 Trichelle is a woman of great class and independence .

 Octavia Maraj- age- 33
                          job-company owner
                           status-divorced and still looking (all men  watch out)
graduated top of her class ,very manipulative,beware this woman is a great gold digger .

Gisele Muller-age- 22
                                        job- model, actress
                                    status - married :)

Raquelle Morgan -age-24
                     job-marketing director
 Raquelle is a young independent person who focuses her energy for success .

Kara Smith-age-27
                  job- former nail technician and now assistant of Rasheda Maraj
Kara has undergone many changes and has really seen life different she tries to be a better mother
and wife.
Eve Morgan-age- 45
                     job- retired nurse
Eva has struggled in her love life and is finally free.She became a new woman after he divorce
she managed to get 2 million dollars and one of her husbands estate. She was a nurse for 10 years but retired
on her 43rd birthday to fulfill her dream of having her own show.

Faith Evans -age -27
 Faith is wild and is not afraid to tell you her mind.

Anae James-age-45
                    job- Psychiatrist
                    status- married
Anae is simply and very observant.
   Floria  Fernandez-29
                            job- Television personality, dancer and actress
                            status- single
Floria has a big personality and is not the type to mess with. She is the host of many of Rozenburg's big parties. She is known for her nice figure, big green eyes, curly red hair and her giant head.Her whole body is quite interesting  :)

Tanya Ashton-age-28
                     status- single
 Tanya tries to live a life of wealth but can't keep up with it. After being kicked by her boyfriend she had to find a way to make some cash so she started to strip at a night club.

Payton Moore-age 24
                        job- free lance reporter
Payton is passionate for news and loves people.

Rasheda Maraj- age- 27
                         job- actress, director, fashion mogul
Rasheda is a time bomb waiting to go off. Just like the other Maraj girls, money and power is her hands. Don't let that face deceive you. Labeled the selfie queen of the social media world. Rasheda is also a single mother of a little girl named Riley.

Ellen Moore -age-27
                     status- Divorced
Ellen filed for divorce when she saw that the marriage would never work.
  Trissan Taylor - age 34
                          job- journalist
                          status -single
She is a  sneaky person and i would watch my back if i were you. Trissan was supposed to get married to her long time boyfriend but the baby Trissan was carrying was not his so he called of the wedding.

Nicki Evans - age 22
                       job- singer and model
                      status- its complicated
. She is similar to her sister Faith .

Carmela Peters- age- 33
                          job- bridal stylist,and model
                          status - dating
   Carmela owns Sweet beginnings bridal store

                                         Family and Intimate relationships
                             The Evans-  Janet who is Faith's aunt , Nicki Faith's sister , Faith

                             The Moores  -Kenneth Moore , Kira Kenneth's daughter  , Ellen (now ex wife)

               The Maraj's - Octavia maraj , Jasseth Maraj and Rasheda Maraj cousins of Octavia

                           The Morgans -  Eve Raquelle's mom , Raquelle

                               The Fords - Sereta  Ellen's sister, Norma Ellen's aunt , Rosie Ellens mother,

       starting from the front - Angeline james , Carmela peters and Anae James        

                                       The Asthons - Trichelle and Carlo a loving married couple

           Faith and Kenneth are no longer together for he has found a new woman who he truly loves and now re-married .
                                             Cassandra Kenneth's ex wife and their daughter Kira

               The Smith's - Kara and daughter Kianna .Kara's husband lives in Canada but they talk every day.
                                    Kara and Trichelle are sisters .        

                               Rebecca one of Kenneth's ex wives and her daughter Lisa whose father is unknown.

                                              Rasheda's daughter Riley and Rasheda

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