Sunday, 24 November 2013


A story will be aired on my other blog later this afternoon .It is not episode one it is more of a flashback of Jenvieve life before riches and what she did to get by.Hope you enjoy .

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Trissan finds a dress

This is Story Book Beginnings the best wedding planning service in Rozenburg .It is made with over 10 consulting rooms ,3 general waiting areas , 3 kitchens ,2 chapels and a garden.Ms Carmela Peters is the assistant planner to the CEO of the company .Carmela will be guiding us throughout Trissan's wedding planning process. This space will be used for the whole process of picking out dresses and sampling .

 " I can't believe Nicole, she is always late and that little miss wont answer her phone,uhh i just cant stand    latey bugs if thats what they call them ."(Trissan)
 " I cant believe it ,i am the only one here no support , i just wonder why i have friends ."(Trissan)
 " Why are you always late? and can you give me some air i am about to burst."(Trissan)
" I just cant understand pregnant people."(Nicole)
 " This is the perfect Vera Wang ."(Carmela)
 " This is the Vera Wang that she wanted ."(Carmela)
 " It is so beautiful i love the detailing ."(Nicole)
 "I hate it i look  like a  jack o lantern about to blow ."(Trissan)
 " Your  kidding me ,your five months pregnant what the hell do you expect you'll blow in four months or maybe before your wedding ,so count those lucky stars and get on with your life  woman."(Nicole)
" Watch your tone, i am just having minor mood swings."(Trissan)
" Minor ! okay i will watch my tone and i am sorry i don't want you to upset that baby ."(Nicole)

" Okay i will want a fuchsia dress with a halter top for my bridesmaids,Nicole will be representing them ."(Trissan)
" Okay ,i don't think we have that color but we can get it ."(Carmela)
Nicole steps off without her shoes.Let us see what Ms dramatic will say
"Nicole, where are you going without your shoes ?"(Trissan)
"My feet are killing me.'(Nicole)
" I hate the color ,love the top and the length ,but what the hell is that on the back."(Trissan)
"It is some type of lace ."(Nicole)
" Well it has to come off i buy this dress ."(Trissan)
"What ,Octavia i thought you were on a plane to Slovakia ."(Trissan)
"There has been a change of plans,i did not want to miss this."(Octavia)
"What about the fashion convention?"(Trissan)
"That is next week."(Octavia)
"So ,how is the baby."(Octavia)
"She's fine ."(Trissan)
"It's a girl ! oh my i have some beautiful  baby couture for baby Dominique ."(Octavia)
"Hey i am naming her toisna ."(Trissan)
"Seriously, that child will be bullied foe that ridiculous name."(Octavia)

"Oh my is that you Kuro."(Trissan)
" It me in the  Niku."(Kuro)
"Excuse her english she is coming from japan ."(Octavia)

 TO BE CONTINUED ......................................................................................................................


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Great News

Rotten Rich Dolls ,my new soap opera,can be viewed on
I have not posted anything yet but i designed the page and their are some pictures of the characters .
I just cant wait to post the first episode.
The new blog will not affect Trissan's wedding and my regular stories .My dolls will just be acting out things so their lives on my new blog will be completely different from theirs on this blog.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Soap opera

I have been busy over the past few weeks studying hard for my exams .I have took some pictures of Trissan which will be published soon.
There will be a new soap opera starring some of my most influential dolls like Octavia ,Raquelle Faith ,Thrichelle and some newbies .Alot of drama will be taking place and you need to be mature enough to handle it . My story eill be based around 7 rich women ranging from age 24 to age 49 .They live in the high end area of Rozenburg and are to die for in every aspect . Tune in later for more information and an airing date