Friday, 26 October 2012

Trichelle will be moving to a new condo in  November i am currently working on accessories for her kitchen  here is a sneak peek of her kitchen
 i do not have a stove but i have a dishwasher
i made the shelves my self because i could not find the original  ones.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

class reunion

i created a chicken and bean dinner on the left and a chicken ,cornbread and bean dinner on the right

Kiana stays over

 Thrichelle's niece is coming over. Thrichelle is cleaning the kitchen
 Kiana finally arrives .
"Hi aunty Thrichelle"(Kiana)
"Hi Kiana how are you ,do want some breakfast ".(Trichelle)
"I am okay and i would love some  breakfast".(Kiana)
 Trichelle opens the fridge and takes out the eggs and sausages .

 "Your eggs are almost ready Kiana just a few more minutes ,do you want some milk with your breakfast"(Trichelle)
yes,i want some milk "(Kiana)
 "here is your breakfast Kiana"(Trichelle)
 "yummy these are best eggs i have ever had , mom does not cook my breakfast this good".(Kiana)
 Trichelle decides to bake a pie,she gathers all the ingredients .

 she mixes all the ingredients ,
 Kiana is fine she is playing on the computer.
Trichelle goes to check on her.
''I am baking a pie do you to watch me bake it".(Trichelle)

 The pie is finally ready ,trichelle cuts it up andshares it with Kiana.
Trichelle hears the door it must be Kara .
" Mommy, mommy i missed you ,aunty Trichelle took care of me "(Kiana)
 "Thank you for taking care of Kiana i will see you tomorrow ''(Kara)
Trichelle can finally sit down and watch television.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

hurricane meeting

 Kara talks about the importance of hurricane preparations.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"hi Trichelle where were you" ?.(Kara)
"I went the Chinese restaurant down the road".(Trichelle)
'Hi Kianna i brought some Chinese food for you".(Trichelle)
"thanks aunty Trichelle" (Kianna)
" Come here my little angel ,go eat outside".(Trichelle)
"okay, aunty Trichelle" (Kianna)
"eat up my angel their are some egg rolls in there somewhere ".(Trichelle)
"i see them i love egg rolls "(Kianna)
" can i borrow the computer,i need check my email".(Trichelle)
" are you going to email your new date"(Kara)
"yes ,maybe he sent me a email".(Trichelle)
 " ahhh how sweet he sent me an email  ".(Trichellle)
"i am so happy your dating".(Kara)
" When am i going to meet him ".(Kara)
"very soon and he has a name you know ,his name is Carlo".(Trichelle)
 "Aunty Trichelle i am finished with my food".(Kianna)
"that is good Kianna but do'nt you see me talking ".(Trichelle)
 Carlo sent Trichelle an email and she took up her car keys and off she went.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Cassandra(31)  Kenet's ex wife and kira their 10 year old daughter,Cassandra is now engaged to James Miller
 Kenet and 10 year old daughter Kira.
 The Smiths -Kara (27) ,Kiana (5)
 Trichelle (24) model and her infant Sue
Alice mother of one (33)chef at Bijour
The Moores -Ellen (25) wife of  doctor kenet moore ,Kenet (27) husband of Ellen.

barbaque at trichelle part1

 trichelle sits and waits for guests to arrive the guests are a little late.
 finally Kara arrives with Kiana she is an hour and a half late.
"sorry i am late i had to stop at Sarah's  house she is still sad about the divorce''(Kara)
i told her in the first place not to marry Cory he was a two timing double crosser .( Trichelle)
 Here is Kiana  she cried all the way down here she really misses her father .I told her that her father is in America working  and he will come to Jamaica to live with us(Kara)
That is how kids are do you remember when dad went to Africa to work(Trichelle)
 I am going to have a seat(Kara)
okay food is in the fridge heat it in the microwave.(Trichelle)
 This chair is comfortable.(Kara)
 cassandra arrives .
hi sorry i am late i was stuck in traffic .(Cassandra)
hi kara how are you.(Cassandra)
i am fine .(Kara)