Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"hi Trichelle where were you" ?.(Kara)
"I went the Chinese restaurant down the road".(Trichelle)
'Hi Kianna i brought some Chinese food for you".(Trichelle)
"thanks aunty Trichelle" (Kianna)
" Come here my little angel ,go eat outside".(Trichelle)
"okay, aunty Trichelle" (Kianna)
"eat up my angel their are some egg rolls in there somewhere ".(Trichelle)
"i see them i love egg rolls "(Kianna)
" can i borrow the computer,i need check my email".(Trichelle)
" are you going to email your new date"(Kara)
"yes ,maybe he sent me a email".(Trichelle)
 " ahhh how sweet he sent me an email  ".(Trichellle)
"i am so happy your dating".(Kara)
" When am i going to meet him ".(Kara)
"very soon and he has a name you know ,his name is Carlo".(Trichelle)
 "Aunty Trichelle i am finished with my food".(Kianna)
"that is good Kianna but do'nt you see me talking ".(Trichelle)
 Carlo sent Trichelle an email and she took up her car keys and off she went.