Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kiana stays over

 Thrichelle's niece is coming over. Thrichelle is cleaning the kitchen
 Kiana finally arrives .
"Hi aunty Thrichelle"(Kiana)
"Hi Kiana how are you ,do want some breakfast ".(Trichelle)
"I am okay and i would love some  breakfast".(Kiana)
 Trichelle opens the fridge and takes out the eggs and sausages .

 "Your eggs are almost ready Kiana just a few more minutes ,do you want some milk with your breakfast"(Trichelle)
yes,i want some milk "(Kiana)
 "here is your breakfast Kiana"(Trichelle)
 "yummy these are best eggs i have ever had , mom does not cook my breakfast this good".(Kiana)
 Trichelle decides to bake a pie,she gathers all the ingredients .

 she mixes all the ingredients ,
 Kiana is fine she is playing on the computer.
Trichelle goes to check on her.
''I am baking a pie do you to watch me bake it".(Trichelle)

 The pie is finally ready ,trichelle cuts it up andshares it with Kiana.
Trichelle hears the door it must be Kara .
" Mommy, mommy i missed you ,aunty Trichelle took care of me "(Kiana)
 "Thank you for taking care of Kiana i will see you tomorrow ''(Kara)
Trichelle can finally sit down and watch television.

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