Monday, 15 October 2012

barbaque at trichelle part1

 trichelle sits and waits for guests to arrive the guests are a little late.
 finally Kara arrives with Kiana she is an hour and a half late.
"sorry i am late i had to stop at Sarah's  house she is still sad about the divorce''(Kara)
i told her in the first place not to marry Cory he was a two timing double crosser .( Trichelle)
 Here is Kiana  she cried all the way down here she really misses her father .I told her that her father is in America working  and he will come to Jamaica to live with us(Kara)
That is how kids are do you remember when dad went to Africa to work(Trichelle)
 I am going to have a seat(Kara)
okay food is in the fridge heat it in the microwave.(Trichelle)
 This chair is comfortable.(Kara)
 cassandra arrives .
hi sorry i am late i was stuck in traffic .(Cassandra)
hi kara how are you.(Cassandra)
i am fine .(Kara)

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