Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Productions for the new year

  1. My mother has been helping with stop motion and i am doing okay ,so i will have a preview very soon.
  2. Eve , Raquelle's mother , will host her own talk show that will include your favorite dolls and their problems .It consists of three segments per show .Eve talk , cooking with Eve ,Fan mail  ,this appears on some Wednesdays while Whipping into shape ,Eve talk and The entertainer appears on a Friday.
  3. Stop actions films will be made one time per month if possible .
  4.  A new show with 8 stop action episodes called The adventures of Faith Evans.
  5. A doll remake of Fashion Police will be aired.
  6. The doll award will take place.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Sunday, 24 November 2013


A story will be aired on my other blog later this afternoon .It is not episode one it is more of a flashback of Jenvieve life before riches and what she did to get by.Hope you enjoy .

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Trissan finds a dress

This is Story Book Beginnings the best wedding planning service in Rozenburg .It is made with over 10 consulting rooms ,3 general waiting areas , 3 kitchens ,2 chapels and a garden.Ms Carmela Peters is the assistant planner to the CEO of the company .Carmela will be guiding us throughout Trissan's wedding planning process. This space will be used for the whole process of picking out dresses and sampling .

 " I can't believe Nicole, she is always late and that little miss wont answer her phone,uhh i just cant stand    latey bugs if thats what they call them ."(Trissan)
 " I cant believe it ,i am the only one here no support , i just wonder why i have friends ."(Trissan)
 " Why are you always late? and can you give me some air i am about to burst."(Trissan)
" I just cant understand pregnant people."(Nicole)
 " This is the perfect Vera Wang ."(Carmela)
 " This is the Vera Wang that she wanted ."(Carmela)
 " It is so beautiful i love the detailing ."(Nicole)
 "I hate it i look  like a  jack o lantern about to blow ."(Trissan)
 " Your  kidding me ,your five months pregnant what the hell do you expect you'll blow in four months or maybe before your wedding ,so count those lucky stars and get on with your life  woman."(Nicole)
" Watch your tone, i am just having minor mood swings."(Trissan)
" Minor ! okay i will watch my tone and i am sorry i don't want you to upset that baby ."(Nicole)

" Okay i will want a fuchsia dress with a halter top for my bridesmaids,Nicole will be representing them ."(Trissan)
" Okay ,i don't think we have that color but we can get it ."(Carmela)
Nicole steps off without her shoes.Let us see what Ms dramatic will say
"Nicole, where are you going without your shoes ?"(Trissan)
"My feet are killing me.'(Nicole)
" I hate the color ,love the top and the length ,but what the hell is that on the back."(Trissan)
"It is some type of lace ."(Nicole)
" Well it has to come off i buy this dress ."(Trissan)
"What ,Octavia i thought you were on a plane to Slovakia ."(Trissan)
"There has been a change of plans,i did not want to miss this."(Octavia)
"What about the fashion convention?"(Trissan)
"That is next week."(Octavia)
"So ,how is the baby."(Octavia)
"She's fine ."(Trissan)
"It's a girl ! oh my i have some beautiful  baby couture for baby Dominique ."(Octavia)
"Hey i am naming her toisna ."(Trissan)
"Seriously, that child will be bullied foe that ridiculous name."(Octavia)

"Oh my is that you Kuro."(Trissan)
" It me in the  Niku."(Kuro)
"Excuse her english she is coming from japan ."(Octavia)

 TO BE CONTINUED ......................................................................................................................


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Great News

Rotten Rich Dolls ,my new soap opera,can be viewed on
I have not posted anything yet but i designed the page and their are some pictures of the characters .
I just cant wait to post the first episode.
The new blog will not affect Trissan's wedding and my regular stories .My dolls will just be acting out things so their lives on my new blog will be completely different from theirs on this blog.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Soap opera

I have been busy over the past few weeks studying hard for my exams .I have took some pictures of Trissan which will be published soon.
There will be a new soap opera starring some of my most influential dolls like Octavia ,Raquelle Faith ,Thrichelle and some newbies .Alot of drama will be taking place and you need to be mature enough to handle it . My story eill be based around 7 rich women ranging from age 24 to age 49 .They live in the high end area of Rozenburg and are to die for in every aspect . Tune in later for more information and an airing date

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wedding news

There will be a  wedding in December between my two new dolls Trissan and Tony .Trissan is a bit of a drama queen so i know you will enjoy her antics.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bedtime Mayhem at the Smiths

"Kiana ,it is time for your bath."(Kara)
"Why do i have to bathe ."( Kiana)
"Um, ummm the ,the okay the dirt gremlins will get you."(Kara)
"What are dirt gremlins?"(Kiana)
"They are big scary monsters that take dirty children away from their parents."(Kara)

"Would you like the water warm."(Kara)
"Yes mommy ."(Kiana)
"Okay i will add bubbles too."(Kara)
" Lets take off your shoes."(Kara)
"Okay mommy."(Kiana)
"The babysitter will be here any minute."(Kara)
"I want to stay with aunty Trichelle!"(Kiana)
"Watch that tone,aunty Trichelle is on her honeymoon."(Kara)
"What is that?"(Kiana)
"A vacation."(Kara)
"The bubbles will come up any minute."(Kara)
"Okay mommy."(Kiana)
"If there are any problems i will be by the mirror ."(Kara)

 "Wee wee ,wow this is great."(Kiana)
"Take time."(Kara)
"Okay mommy."(Kiana)
    " ahh coug ,ahh coug ,help help !(Kiana)
          Help ,help,help!"(Kiana)
 "Help me mommy."(Kiana)
"You sacred me oh my gosh you almost drowned."(Kara)
"I am sorry for playing too hard mommy."(Kiana)
"It's not your fault."(Kara)
"I love you ."(Kara)
"I love you too mommy ."(Kiana)
"I think i hear Eve,i will be right back so don't give any trouble ."(Kara)
"Behave yourself while i am gone."(Kara)
She is such an angel i what angelic things she is thinking about.
"Okay before i forget the emergency numbers are on the fridge,oh this the last one ,Eve is not that young
and her bones are not as strong so please don't hurt her."(Kara)
"Okay mommy."(Kiana)
"Hello Eve."(Kara)
"Hay Kara."(Eve)
"Okay i have to go i am late the emergency numbers are on the fridge and the rules are listed on the notice board in the bed room."(Kara)
"What! a notice board."(Eve)
"Yes Kiana  can give some trouble here and there so i listed some rules in the bedroom."(Kara)
I think  this little angel is ready to fly i hope Kara is near by.
"Oh my isn't she the cutest thing ."(Eve)
"Yes ."(Kiana)
 "Bye mommy."(Kiana)
"Bye Kiana "(Kara)
"Okay Kiana i brought some pictures for you."(Eve)
"Wow they are pretty."(Kiana)
"I took these pictures when Raquelle was a baby."(Eve)
"Wow she was small just like me."(Kiana)
"It almost bedtime."(Eve)
After a few more minutes of storytelling and play Kiana is put to bed .
After a few more minutes Eve falls in a deep sleep.
Its 11:00 pm and Kara arrives from the party.
Kara goes into the room and finds Eve and Kiana sleeping peacefully.
"Oh what a sweet sight ."(Kara)
Kara steps a little closer and Eve realizes that she has arrived.
  "Was she an angel in a devilish sort  of way."(Kara)
"No she was calm and did not give any trouble."(Eve)
"Wow i am so proud of her."(Kara)
"You have i great daughter she is a direct blessing."(Eve)
"I know and thank you again for babysitting."(Kara)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

hotel update

 This is the honeymoon suite in which Mr and Mrs Ashton will be staying .
As you see it needs alot more work.I need to install new flooring and add a few
more home touches.I fell behind in my blogging since my grandmother died
so i am picking up with the stories.
As soon as  Trichelle heard about the photoshoot she rushed to the hotel.

Tune in for more updates and the real photo-story .There will be alot of new stories and characters
alot of drama from Faith,Octavia ,Payton and Monique.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


It looks like the bride and groom are  not there yet.
Raquelle decides to tell a joke
"You know i remember this :a man walked into a grocery and took up a carton of orange
juice and a bag of sugar anyway he only paid for the sugar the police caught and asked
why he only paid for one item his answer was that the orange juice said sugar free
so he just took the sugar.What you read is not always what it means and i have read
the couple and they truly mean what they say ,they are really in love."(Raquelle)
"Clap ,clap and cheers(the crowd)
Raquelle is ready to introduce the new couple
"Here  comes the new couple Mr and Mrs Carlo Ashton."(Raquelle)
I love you (Carlo said in a muffled voice)
I love too(Trichelle)
By the way what hotel will we be staying at."(Carlo)
"Some hotel in St Ann."(Trichelle)

"Lets head to the table ."(Trichelle)
"What  would you like to eat our specialties are :Chicken Fillet,Baked Fish with Pasta, Smoked Ham
with salad ,Chop Sui ,Steamed Vegetables , Corn on the cob and rice can be served with any meat our specialty drinks are :Margarita,
Fruit Punch ,Crystal Punch and Peach Soda."(Payton)
"I will have the Baked fish  ,the rice and i'll try the crystal punch."(Kara)
"But mom what will i eat."(Kianna)
"We will share."(Kara)
"I have worked so hard to fit into my dress so i will have the chicken fillet ,pasta,corn on the cob  and some fruit punch."(Trichelle)
"I will have the baked fish with rice ,steamed vegetables and some peach soda."(Carlo)

"We are going to order as a table and we have decided to take  the chop sui and some margaritas."(lady in blue)
"We have decided to order as a table too so we will have 4 orders of chop sui ,4 orders of baked fish and pasta with 2 orders of peach soda alongside with 2 orders of fruit punch."(Monique)

                                      THIRTY MINUTES LATER

Everyone  has finished there meals the only problem is that Kara ordered "Crystal Punch"
which in jamaica it is a prestigious  name for water.
So lets skip to the next activity cutting of the cake.
"Babe please hold the knife properly you can hurt yourself ."(Carlo)
"It is my first wedding hopefully ,i am trying."(Trichelle)

"Grab a big piece of the cake and feed your angel like a man."(Trichelle)
"That's not the only thing i want to grab."(Carlo)
"You can hug me after the cake cutting."(Trichelle)
"Time to hug my wife it just sounds so good."(Carlo)
"It's great."(Trichelle)
Raquelle goes over to Faith's table to dish up a little trouble
Faith ,Ellen and Ken are sitting at the same table imagine how awkward it isconsidering
the fact that Faith is Ken's ex .
"DJ start the music and  dim the lights ."(Trichelle)
All the single ladies ,All the single  ladies put your hands up(plays softly in the background)
"There goes the bouquet ,wow."(Crowd)
"Give me the  bouquet i want to be next ."(Monique)
"Not over my drop dead body ,i have to be next cause i got what it takes."(Faith)
"No you dont  if you think Ken will  leave Ellen for a lady of your kind."(Monique)
"Stop with your fighting and wait till the end of the evening.(Payton)
"Dont tell me what to do because you are not any better."(Faith)
"Its not what you thought ,you dont have to hold it against me."(Payton)
"I would not have it against you if you would just mind your own business."(Faith) 
"This is how a real lady does it ."(Faith)
"We are finally married ."(Carlo)
"I cant believe that we met a year ago ."(Trichelle)

"This toast is for the bride,my sister and my friend i just want you to be happy
and live a better life than i lived in my 27 years of existence."(Kara)
"This toast is for the groom and my son i hope you live a happy life with your beautiful bride."(Carla)
"This toast is for the people who created the wonderful bride her mother and father
without these people this wonderful event would not have happened .I would like to
commend them for their hard work and for molding the bride."(Faith)

"I would  like to propose a toast to the parents of the groom who have shaped Carlo into
a wonderful man and friend  so raise for glasses in joy."(Raquelle)
"I would like to thank my bride (of course ),the bridal party,our guests,all members of staff for Bijour ,
the limo driver ,master of ceremony and the pastor who wed us."(Carlo)
"I would like to thank Carlo ,the bridal party,,our guests,all the staff of Bijour, the limo driver ,master of ceremony ,the pastor,my hairdresser,the lady who designed my dress,my shoe stylish,my make up artist and my choreographer."(Trichelle)