Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bedtime Mayhem at the Smiths

"Kiana ,it is time for your bath."(Kara)
"Why do i have to bathe ."( Kiana)
"Um, ummm the ,the okay the dirt gremlins will get you."(Kara)
"What are dirt gremlins?"(Kiana)
"They are big scary monsters that take dirty children away from their parents."(Kara)

"Would you like the water warm."(Kara)
"Yes mommy ."(Kiana)
"Okay i will add bubbles too."(Kara)
" Lets take off your shoes."(Kara)
"Okay mommy."(Kiana)
"The babysitter will be here any minute."(Kara)
"I want to stay with aunty Trichelle!"(Kiana)
"Watch that tone,aunty Trichelle is on her honeymoon."(Kara)
"What is that?"(Kiana)
"A vacation."(Kara)
"The bubbles will come up any minute."(Kara)
"Okay mommy."(Kiana)
"If there are any problems i will be by the mirror ."(Kara)

 "Wee wee ,wow this is great."(Kiana)
"Take time."(Kara)
"Okay mommy."(Kiana)
    " ahh coug ,ahh coug ,help help !(Kiana)
          Help ,help,help!"(Kiana)
 "Help me mommy."(Kiana)
"You sacred me oh my gosh you almost drowned."(Kara)
"I am sorry for playing too hard mommy."(Kiana)
"It's not your fault."(Kara)
"I love you ."(Kara)
"I love you too mommy ."(Kiana)
"I think i hear Eve,i will be right back so don't give any trouble ."(Kara)
"Behave yourself while i am gone."(Kara)
She is such an angel i what angelic things she is thinking about.
"Okay before i forget the emergency numbers are on the fridge,oh this the last one ,Eve is not that young
and her bones are not as strong so please don't hurt her."(Kara)
"Okay mommy."(Kiana)
"Hello Eve."(Kara)
"Hay Kara."(Eve)
"Okay i have to go i am late the emergency numbers are on the fridge and the rules are listed on the notice board in the bed room."(Kara)
"What! a notice board."(Eve)
"Yes Kiana  can give some trouble here and there so i listed some rules in the bedroom."(Kara)
I think  this little angel is ready to fly i hope Kara is near by.
"Oh my isn't she the cutest thing ."(Eve)
"Yes ."(Kiana)
 "Bye mommy."(Kiana)
"Bye Kiana "(Kara)
"Okay Kiana i brought some pictures for you."(Eve)
"Wow they are pretty."(Kiana)
"I took these pictures when Raquelle was a baby."(Eve)
"Wow she was small just like me."(Kiana)
"It almost bedtime."(Eve)
After a few more minutes of storytelling and play Kiana is put to bed .
After a few more minutes Eve falls in a deep sleep.
Its 11:00 pm and Kara arrives from the party.
Kara goes into the room and finds Eve and Kiana sleeping peacefully.
"Oh what a sweet sight ."(Kara)
Kara steps a little closer and Eve realizes that she has arrived.
  "Was she an angel in a devilish sort  of way."(Kara)
"No she was calm and did not give any trouble."(Eve)
"Wow i am so proud of her."(Kara)
"You have i great daughter she is a direct blessing."(Eve)
"I know and thank you again for babysitting."(Kara)


  1. Love your new bathroom and the rest of the rooms you put up. Kiana had quite a night.

  2. Hi Sarah just recoating your blog and I love it!, I invite you to mine, kiss pretty!

    1. you have a great blog i ,like your dolls they are beautiful