Sunday, 26 May 2013

Octavia Maraj

Indian born Octavia Maraj  grew up in France after her parents accepted a job offer.Octavia was tired of being treated like a little angel.At age seventeen Octavia ran away to the big city of Paris.Three years later she met and married a rich man named Perie Monte .After six months of marriage she found  a way to divorce him and take his assets and keep hers.The money she got financed her fashion agency.One year after her divorce the French authorities found out about her divorce scam.She then fled to Russia so she would not get caught .In Russia she charmed another man into marrying her and again she scammed another innocent man .This time she could not hide from the Russian authorities.They arrested and charged her with two counts of insurance scam.After spending three years in prison she went back to France to build her empire .She them went on vacation to Jamaica where she joined the high pitched royals of Caymanas  Golf Club.


  1. My oh my, she's been busy. She's a pretty doll.

  2. Yes she has been busy .She is know in Ukraine to do a photoshoot.