Friday, 29 March 2013

the hospital

 "Hay  ,Trichelle when is Carlo coming home."(Raquelle)
"The business trip will be over by next week."(Trichelle)
 "Did you tell Nikki that you will visit her in Morrison town."(Raquelle)
"No,i am having second thoughts about leaving Jamaica to go on vacation.(Trichelle)
 "Girl ,how do i turn on this space age thing?"(Raquelle)
"Just wave your hand and it will automatically turn on."(Trichelle)
"Where on earth did you buy this thing?"(Raqauelle)
"I bought it at ATL in Montego Bay ."(Trichelle)
"Who could be calling at this hour?"(Raquelle)
"Just  go and answer the phone."(Trichelle)
 "Who was that?"(Trichelle)
"Faith (long pause)my mom fell down the stairs at work."(Raquelle)
"Is she okay."(Trichelle)
"The doctors are not sure,i have to get down there  right away."(Raquelle)
  ..........................................................     MEANWHILE AT THE HOSPITAL
 "Mrs Morgan can you hear me this is doctor Evans."(Faith)
"Where am i ?"(Mrs .Morgan)
"You are in the hospital,you fell down the stairs."(Faith)
 "Doctor will my mom be okay?"(Raquelle)
"We are not sure."(Faith)
"Will she be able to walk again."(Trichelle)
"yes" (Faith)

"Mom ,how are you feeling."(Raquelle)
"like someone twisted my leg."(Mrs.Morgan)
"The doctor says you will be here for 2 weeks depending on your condition."(Raquelle)

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