Sunday, 21 December 2014

Here comes trouble

All the ladies sit and converse at Trissan's baby shower. There is tension in the air . Faith and Ellen in the same room , there is bound to be some trouble . Let us see what happens

Trissan - Thank you ladies for coming and special thank you to  Raquelle for pulling some strings and letting me use your mothers set.
Ladies-  your welcome 
Raquelle- no prob 
Ellen- We've been friends for long Tris , so come you did not tell me you knew the Evans
Trissan- It did not come up until now.
Ellen- Oh Nicki , are you like your sister?
Nicki-In what way.
Ellen- The taste for married men .
Nicki- you just released venom lady.
Raquelle to Faith-Sit  quietly , she is not worth it.
Faith- Yeah I know , she loves to pick fights she just cant win.
Nicki- Can I slap miss peel head john-crow over there.
Raquelle- Sit quietly too and where did you learn Jamaican sayings?
Faith- I was going to leave your husband but maybe i should stick around longer.

The fight continues until police arrive.

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