Thursday, 2 January 2014

Delayed New Year's Greeting

I am so sorry for the delayed Christmas special ,i spent Christmas with my friends and family and was so caught up into the festive season ,i got everything i wanted from my parents .Anyways my favorite couple would like to give you a well deserved greeting .
 "Well , i know this greeting is very late i hope it is heartfelt ."(Carlo and Trichelle)
" As we have reached the end of yet another year may we reminisce the good times we've shared ,2013 had deaths , marriages and new life but may we leave all bad recollections of the past and take high spirits to the new years.2014 will be the time to turn over a new leaf and will be the time to make new memories .Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for being here to support us and the cast of your favorite dolly time shows ."(Carlo and Trichelle)

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