Monday, 1 July 2013

Trichelle and Carlo's ceremony(Photostory)

 "Carlo don't worry your beautiful bride to be will be here soon"(Pastor)
"I know"(Carlo)

 "Here comes aunty Trichelle."(Kiana)

 "Since the bride is here let us begin."(Pastor)
"Love is not boastful and never fades it is second nature and makes the world go around."(Pastor)
 "You may begin your custom vows."(Pastor)
"Trichelle i love you and i want to grow old with you ,when i met you i knew you were the one
i wanted."(Carlo)
"Carlo i love i want you and i will be with you no matter what.(Trichelle)
"It is good to see a young couple being married it means that they are on the right path,
i have known Trichelle for a long time and when she told me she was having a baby one year ago
and the man she was having it for was the man she wanted to marry,i felt good to know that my
work had turned her into a wonderful wife and mother."(Pastor)
 "It is time to exchange the rings Trichelle put your hand into Carlo's hand and then Carlo
put your hand in Trichelle's hand."(Pastor)
 "Okay we will have a brief intermission while the couple signs some papers."(Pastor)

 "Please sign these papers ."(Pastor)
 "God has made a happy day and has brought this couple together."(Raquelle)
 "I hope they liked my dress."(Raquelle said to herself)
 "Let me proudly present the newest married couple Mr and Mrs Carlo Ashton ."(Pastor)
 "Carlo look into your wife's eyes ."(Pastor)
" I will i am waiting to kiss her."(Carlo)
 "Carlo the moment you've been waiting for you may kiss the bride."(Pastor)
"I am way ahead of you."(Carlo)
 "As my first act of love let me carry you down the aisle ."(Carlo)
 "This feels great i am know a wife i cant wait to get to the reception."(Trichelle)
 "We are almost outside ."(Carlo)
"Can you carry me to the limo."(Trichelle)
"Yes Mrs Ashton."(Carlo)
"I love that name."(Trichelle)
"Kiana you are getting  heavier or i am getting older i am pretty much sure you are getting heavier."(Kara)

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