Saturday, 2 February 2013

trichelle looks for a dress

 "When is Faith coming?"(Kara)
"She is coming,maybe she is stuck in traffic."(Trichelle)

" Hi you must be Trichelle."(Teresa)
"Yes ."(Trichelle)
"What style are you looking for ?"(Teresa)
"I want a simple dress with not a lot of bling because i will be wearing a lot of jewelry ." (Trichelle)
"ok i will  see what i can find."(Teresa)
 Finally Faith arrives
"Where have you been ?"(Kara)
"I was  at Dr.Moore's house ."(Faith)
"What were you doing at his house?"(Kara)
"um,um i was um i was helping his wife with some documents."(Faith)
"I  thought you and Mrs .Moore weren't  friends."(Kara)
"We resolved that problem."(Faith)

dress #1
"I like this dress it is very elegant ."(Trichelle)
"I like this dress aunty Trichelle ."( Kiana)               
                                          dress #2
    "I look like a big cupcake."(Trichelle)
    " I agree it is very fluffy ."(Monique)
"I like this dress but i hate the color ."(Trichelle)
"I think you should wait  until payton comes before you decide.''(Monique)
"I am going to pick out a night gown and some watches."(Trichele)
The girls will be back when Payton comes to town.

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