Saturday, 10 November 2012

 Faith is preparing her office for the first patient
" mommy i do not want a shot "(Kiana)
"you have to get your shot"(Kara)
''Why do i have to get a shot?"(Kiana)
''you have to get the shot because it is flu season"(Kara)
''okay ,mommy  if i get the shot and if i do not cry can i get a doll."(Kiana
 "Hello ,time for shot"(Faith)

 Faith is preparing the shot.
i am not going to show the actual shot.
by the way kiana did not break her promise.
lets send in the next patient .
 Kira is her with her step-mother.

 Faith is walking home ,her house is about 2 miles away.

Faith is very tired

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